The Doctors Report

The twentieth anniversary of D-Spa has been marked by several events, linking our past with the present. While we must look forward to realise our future ambitions and vision, it is important to acknowledge what has preceded. This provides us with a sense of perspective and allows us to learn from the errors of our past.

September 11, 2001, dramatically changed the way we looked at our world and led to rising insecurity as the impact of terrorism was felt worldwide. Likewise, today in 2021 we are witnessing and living through fundamental and structural societal change brought about by the COVID- 19 pandemic. These changes while presently painful, are transformational in nature, and will propel our world and humanity towards a brighter future.

On this note, I wish to congratulate all members of our collective teams across our clinics, for displaying kindness, courage and strong work ethic whilst going about their day-to-day activities. I am particularly pleased to welcome Sarah Laing back as a clinical coordinator, along with Kelly Madrusan and Chloe Searle who are working ever diligently to ensure our team is well supported and systems are implemented that enrich our work time.

As we embark on our clinical trial in order to elevate the Oral Health pathway of our patients and personalise their care, I must pause and acknowledge the clinical team for truly embracing the DSmile initiative. Most of us are beginning to appreciate how this is becoming the gold standard of Oral Health care.

Finally, I wish to welcome new team members into our community, and acknowledge team members that are leaving or have recently left.

Stay well,

Dr Joesph Badr.